Red Corner Notices issued against diamond merchant Nirav Modi’s brothers Neeshal Modi and Nehal Modi are no longer displayed on Interpol’s website. It is not clear whether the notices – issued in connection with the Punjab National Bank scam – were executed or withdrawn, The Hindu reported.

The Central Bureau of Investigation website has Neeshal Modi’s name in its list of Interpol Red Notices but Nehal Modi’s name is missing.

Nirav Modi is accused of duping Punjab National Bank of more than Rs 13,000 crore. He fled to the United Kingdom in 2018 and was arrested earlier this year. Four bail applications have been posted by his legal team since his arrest but they were rejected every time as he is deemed a flight risk.

The Interpol notices against the businessman, Neeshal Modi and their aide Subhash Parab were opened in July 2018. The notice against Nirav Modi’s sister Purvi Modi was issued in September 2018, and the one against Nehal Modi was put out this year.

Nehal Modi allegedly looked after two companies for Nirav Modi. These firms received $50 million (Rs 356.16 crore) from dummy entities. After the scam came to light, Nehal Modi allegedly absconded with diamonds worth $6 million (Rs 42.74 crore), 3.5 million in UAE dirham (Rs 6.78 crore), and 50 kg of gold. He is also accused of destroying digital evidence in Dubai.

In September, a court in the United Kingdom sent Nirav Modi to judicial custody till October 17. The extradition plea against him will be heard in May 2020.

In June, the Enforcement Directorate had seized four Swiss bank accounts belonging to Nirav Modi and Purvi Modi. The accounts had Rs 283.16 crore. Swiss authorities froze them based on a request from the Enforcement Directorate, which said the money represented “proceeds of a crime”.

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