Organisations of truck owners and drivers in Mizoram began an indefinite strike on Thursday in protest against the poor condition of an important national highway, PTI reported. NH-306, which was earlier known as NH-54, connects the town of Kawnpui in the state to the city of Silchar in Assam.

Members of the Mizoram Truck Owners’ Association and the Mizoram Truck Drivers’ Association blocked the highway from 7 am, pointing out that a number of accidents had occurred because of the highway’s dilapidated condition. They added that the stretch between Kawnpui and Buichali in the state was “extremely bad”.

“A number of trucks have overturned along the highway while many others are stranded due to bad condition of the road,” said Dina Tlau, the general secretary of the truck owners’ organisation. The lives of drivers were in danger because of the highway, he added.

Public Works Department Engineer-in-Chief K Lalsawmvela said the state government started repairing patches on the highway on Tuesday. “Out of the 21 worst patches, 12 were repaired,” he added.

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