Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday told US billionaire and philanthropist Raymond Dalio, who faced criticism on social media the previous day for praising the Indian politician, that such “trolling” would test the American investor’s skills of “meditation and being like a Ninja”.

Dalio had called Modi “one of the best, if not the best, leaders in the world” on Thursday. They had met each other during Saudi Arabia’s annual investors meet, where Modi had delivered a keynote speech. Dalio posted a video of his discussion with Modi on October 29. However, he was trolled and the tweet was called “paid media”.

In a series of tweets on Friday, Dalio continued his appreciation of Modi’s policies. The billionaire said Modi’s administration was “providing both basics and cutting edge digital technologies” for India’s progress.

Modi acknowledged his comments and said: “To empower so many Indians, especially women, has been one of the most satisfying efforts of our tenure. The credit for the same goes to the people of India who made these movements their own and drove the transformation.”

“My friend Ray Dalio, the trolling after these words of praise would give you the best opportunity to test your meditation skills and being like a Ninja,” Modi added in a tweet. He added that points Dalio made at the summit called for a healthy discussion “in the spirit of being radically open minded”.

Dalio, who is co-chairman and co-chief investment officer at Bridgewater Associates, also spoke about the Lok Sabha election results held in May and said the prime minister won a big mandate from voters for the next five years. “I think he has a good chance of creating revolutionarily better outcomes with the broad support of the population,” the investor said in his tweets. “Those are big deals that are hard to find in other countries.”

Modi said a government coming back with majority after serving a five-year term was “last seen many, many years ago”. “The mandate people blessed our team with has been unseen for decades...A cross section of people, across regions, religions, languages, age groups and occupations have blessed us.”

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