Actor Pamela Anderson on Friday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to lead India’s fight against climate change by serving only vegan food at all government meetings and functions.

Anderson wrote to the prime minister on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The animal rights group and the actor highlighted that raising animals for dairy, meat, and eggs contributed to one-fifth of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. “With your country’s innovation and agricultural history, I’m sure that India-produced soy and other versatile foods can easily replace these damaging foods,” Anderson said.

She urged Modi to adopt pro-vegan steps taken by other countries such as New Zealand, China and Germany. “I appeal to you to show that India can equal or best them,” the 52-year-old actor added.

“In fact, meat and dairy companies are set to become the world’s biggest polluters, and the United Nations warns that a global shift to vegan eating is necessary to combat climate change,” she said. “It’s not an option but a necessity.”

She said eating vegetarian food would spare animals “a hideous death at the slaughterhouse” and can help reduce medical costs from diseases linked to meat and dairy consumption.

Last month, Anderson wrote to Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to serve nutritious vegan meals in correctional facilities.