British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited a famous Hindu temple in London in a final campaign blitz ahead of Thursday’s election and vowed to pledge support to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in building a “new India”, PTI reported.

“I know Prime Minister Modi is building a new India,” Johnson said at the Swaminarayan temple in Neasden. “And, we in the UK government will support him fully in his endeavour.”

“British Indians have played a vital role in helping the Conservatives win elections in the past,” he added. “When I told Narendrabhai [Modi] this, he just laughed and said Indians are always on the winning side.”

Johnson was accompanied by his partner Carrie Symonds and Home Secretary Priti Patel on Saturday.

Without naming the Labour Party and its stand on the Kashmir dispute, the prime minister said: “There can be no place for racism or anti-India sentiment of any kind in this country.” Johnson said he would stand shoulder to shoulder in “the fight against cross-border terrorism”, according to The Telegraph.

“At every turn British Indians are making our country more prosperous, healthier, more generous and more secure,” he added. “I can tell you that the Conservative Party is your friend we are, after all, the only party I’ve checked to refer specifically to India in our election manifesto.”

Johnson spent two-and-a-half hours at the temple and met Indians to express his admiration for the work they are doing for the country. “I am proud that we have hugely talented British Indians running our most successful businesses, providing the backbone of our National Health Service, leading our scientific research, volunteering for charities, serving in our armed forces and police forces and, of course, serving alongside me in my cabinet table,” he said.

He assured voters that he will continue to fight for everyone’s right to be free from racism, discrimination and prejudice as a prime minister. “And if you remember only one thing I say today I hope it is this you are a wonderful, successful and respected community,” he reiterated. “We value your presence as friends, as family speaking personally, speaking personally as family, as colleagues and neighbours and there can be no place for racism or anti-India sentiment of any kind in this country.”