The violence that broke out on Sunday evening after a protest march by Jamia Millia Islamia University students was well-planned and not a spontaneous one, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South East) Kumar Gyanesh told the media on Tuesday. He said an investigation was underway, and 10 people have been arrested. However, no student was among those taken into custody.

On Sunday, buses were set on fire after protestors engaged in a pitched battle with the police. Several students and policemen were injured. “I saw it myself, some protesters were carrying wet blankets and putting them on tear gas shells to minimise their impact,” Gyanesh told ANI. “It did not seem to be spontaneous but well planned.”

Gyanesh claimed “anti-social elements” were behind the violence. The 10 arrested have criminal background, he said. “Petrol bombs were also hurled at us by the protesters. These things do not happen on the spot, it shows that it was a conspiracy.”

After the violent clashes, the police allegedly entered the campus and launched a crackdown. Later in the evening, the police detained around 100 students. They were released around 3.30 am. Gyanesh reiterated what the Delhi Police had said on Monday when accused of using excessive force. He said only tear gas shells were used and no bullets were fired, adding that the police used maximum restraint.

Protests swept campuses across the country on Monday against the brutal police crackdown at the Jamia campus.