The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, on Tuesday warned hostel students to not participate in any “anti-national and undesirable activities” or to distribute posters inside the campus, where protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act have raged on since last month.

The institute’s dean of student affairs in a mail mentioned 15 code of conduct rules for the students. “Residents shall not participate in any anti-national, anti-social and or any other undesirable activities,” the dean wrote. “No posters or leaflets/pamphlets distribution allowed in the hostel without permission from the respective hostel council or Dean of Student Affairs.”

It also prohibited speeches, plays, music or any other activity disturbing the “peace of the hostel environment”.

All the 15 points in the email are to be “strictly implemented hereafter from this day of January 28, 2020”, the dean added.

IIT-Bombay for Justice, a collective of students on the campus, have been organising protests against the amended citizenship law daily. They also feature lectures and film screenings against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The faculty at the institute has also spoken against the police crackdown on students of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

“We see this as part of systematic attacks on all institutions in the country, including academic ones,” 163 faculty members of IIT Bombay had said in a statement on January 7. “We have watched with dismay the failure of universities and other academic institutes to protect their members; the cases are too many to be all listed here, but along with JNU we name Aligarh Muslim University and Benaras Hindu University, and even Jamia Millia Islamia where the administration has vocalized its attempt to defend the students.”