Workers of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena have put up posters in Maharashtra’s Raigad district warning “Pakistani and Bangladeshi intruders” of “MNS-style action” if they do not leave on their own, Mumbai Mirror reported. The posters have come up days before the party’s chief, Raj Thackeray, is scheduled to organise a rally in Mumbai on February 9.

The posters read, “Bangladeshis leave the country, otherwise you will be driven out in MNS style”. Pictures of Raj Thackeray and his son Amit Thackeray, who was recently inducted into the party, are also shown on the posters.

“Today, we have put up the banners,” an unidentified MNS worker told reporters, according to Republic. “It is a warning that you should go back to your own country. This is a warning to the people from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who stay illegally here that they should go away. Otherwise, we will take action after February 9.”

“The number of Bangladeshi immigrants has been on the rise in the region of late,” MNS leader Mahesh Jadhav told Hindustan Times. “However, there has not been commensurate action against them as was expected. For Maharashtra and Hindu dharma, if we have to take law in our hands, we will ensure that Bangladeshi Muslim and Pakistani Muslims flee from here. It would be good if the administration acts before the February 9 rally of Raj sahib in Mumbai.”

Another leader, Sudhir Navle, urged the administration to take strict action in the matter. “These illegal immigrants should get out of Panvel or else they will be taught a lesson in ‘MNS style’,” he added.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone II) Ashok Dudhe told Hindustan Times that 77 Bangladeshis have been deported from the city in the last two years. “We shall continue our drive against illegal immigrants in the city,” he said. “Nobody will be allowed to take law in their hands. We are equipped for any eventuality.”

Last month, Thackeray had announced his support to Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens. While unveiling a new saffron flag for the MNS on January 23, Thackeray had said that Pakistani and Bangladeshi “infiltrators” should be evicted from the country, and that he supported the Narendra Modi government on this.

Thackeray had been one of the most prominent critics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah during the Lok Sabha elections, which the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena did not contest.