A deputy director in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat has been demoted because of his “offensive, derogatory, demeaning and sarcastic” remarks on social media against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and some Union ministers and chief ministers, PTI reported on Thursday.

This is reportedly the first time an official in Parliament has faced action over his social media posts.

Urujul Hasan, who had been under suspension since June 2018, was demoted to “a lower grade of security officer for five years”, a notification issued on Wednesday said. The order, signed by Rajya Sabha director K Sudhakaran, also stated that he would not be able to regain the position of deputy director even after the end of five years. Additionally, Hasan would not get increments in his salary for five years.

The official worked in Parliament’s security service branch. Officers are recruited in the service through exams and their responsibility is to manage security of the Parliament.

Rajya Sabha chairperson Venkaiah Naidu took the final decision on Hasan’s demotion after an internal committee found him guilty of misconduct, according to Hindustan Times.

The order said that Hasan “failed to maintain political neutrality” and action has been taken under the provision of Central Civil Services Conduct Rules of 1964. It bars employees from indulging in any activity that is considered “unbecoming of a government servant”. Another section of the rule that prohibits government servants from being associated with an organisation that takes part in politics or assisting any political movement or activity was also invoked against him.