Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday addressed the Legislative Assembly about the violent clashes in North East district that began on Sunday, and said a “modern Delhi cannot be built over graves of its people”.

At least 24 people have been killed since Monday, and 180 injured, in violent clashes between those who support the Citizenship Amendment Act and those who oppose it.

The chief minister read out the names of those killed in the violence. “Hindus died, Muslims died, cops also died,” he said. “Who benefited by the riots? Rahul Solanki has died. He was a Hindu. Zakir has died. He was Muslim.”

Kejriwal alleged that anti-social elements were instigating violence to achieve their personal ends. He said that the people of Delhi do not want violence. The chief minister also claimed that Hindus and Muslims in Delhi never fight.

Kejriwal urged people of all religions to come forward and reject the “politics of hate”. “We will not tolerate the politics of hate and riots,” he said. “Now, the whole of Delhi has to stand together and assert that they will not tolerate the politics that pitches brothers against each other.” He said that the other alternative is to “kill each other and count the bodies”, the Hindustan Times reported.

The chief minister said the state government will extend all possible help to the victims of the riots. He also announced a compensation of Rs 1 crore to the family of Delhi Police Head Constable Rattan Lal, who was killed in the violence earlier this week.

Kejriwal reiterated his request to the Centre to call in the Army to contain the violence. Union Home minister Amit Shah had expressed confidence in the Delhi Police, in a meeting with Kejriwal on Tuesday. “I again appeal to the home minister to call out the Army to control the situation in Delhi,” Kejriwal said.

Later, Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia, along with AAP MP Sanjay Singh, visited the violence-hit areas.

On Tuesday, Kejriwal had called for Delhi’s borders to be sealed and asked the police to make preventive arrests.