Wholesale price inflation declined from 3.1% in January to 2.26% in February compared to the same month in 2019, government data released on Monday showed.

“Primary articles” became cheaper by 2.8% in February, the data showed. The index for “food articles” declined by 3.7%. On the other hand, the index for “non-food articles” declined by 0.4%. The rate of inflation based on the food index declined from 10.12% in January to 7.31% in February.

Items in the “minerals” group became costlier by 3.5%. The index for “crude petroleum and natural gas” declined by 1.5%.

Items in the “fuel and power” group became costlier by 1.2% in February. The index for “mineral oils” declined by 1.2%. However, electricity became costlier by 7%.

Prices of manufactured goods rose by 0.2% in February. However, “manufacture of food products” became cheaper by 0.9%. “Manufacture of beverages” became costlier by just 0.1%.

Month on month, prices of potato showed a decline of 20.48%, and those of onion by 41.05%. Prices of Liquefied Petroleum gas rose 15.17%. Those of petrol declined by 3.2%, and high speed diesel by 3.97%.