The Delhi High Court on Thursday decided to cancel its summer vacation to make up for the loss of court working hours due to the three-week nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus, PTI reported.

Both the Delhi High Court as well as the subordinate courts will remain operational throughout the entire vacation month of June. The courts in Delhi had suspended its functioning after the lockdown was imposed in March. However urgent matters are being heard through video conferencing.

The decision was taken at a meeting by Delhi High Court Chief Justice DN Patel and other judges to ease the inconvenience faced by litigants because of the restrictive functioning of the courts.

“This decision has been taken by the full Court on April 9, to make up for the loss of court working hours and to ensure restoration of normalcy in the functioning of the courts at the earliest,” a statement issued by the High Court said. “Since during the period of suspension of work, the hearing is limited to the matters of extremely urgent nature or urgent nature, there is negligible fresh filing of cases, lesser disposal and corresponding escalation in arrears, resulting in extreme hardship to litigants.”