Maharashtra, the worst-hit Indian state in the Covid-19 pandemic, confirmed 286 new positive cases of the coronavirus infection on Thursday, taking the total number of patients so far to 3,202. The number of cases in Maharashtra is nearly two times that in Delhi, the second worst-hit region in India.

Out of the 3,202 patients, 300 have been discharged, while 194 have died, according to the state health department.

The state capital Mumbai alone reported 177 of the new cases, taking the total in the city to 2,073. The toll in the city rose to 117. In the highly congested slum of Dharavi in the city, 26 more patients tested positive for Covid-19, taking the number of cases there to 86, PTI reported. One more person from Dharavi died of the disease to take the toll to nine.

The Centre has so far confirmed 2,919 positive cases in Maharashtra, including 295 recoveries and 187 deaths. The central government usually updates its data twice a day, and its numbers often significantly lag behind those released by state governments every day.

There are now 12,759 cases across India, including 1,515 recoveries and 420 deaths, as confirmed by the Centre. Delhi has 1,578 cases so far as confirmed by the Centre. The state government, however, put the number at 1,640 in its evening update.