The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Friday said that the rate of doubling of coronavirus cases in India has reduced from three days before the imposition of the nationwide lockdown to 6.2 days now.

“If we look at the data from the last week, the rate of doubling of coronavirus cases in India is 6.2 days,” health ministry Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal said at the Centre’s daily press briefing. “Before the lockdown, the rate of doubling of Covid-19 cases was three days.”

Agarwal added that 19 states and Union Territories – including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Ladakh – have recorded a doubling rate lower than the country’s average. “To reduce the doubling rate further, we need to be more vigilant,” he said.

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The health ministry official added that there has been a 40% decline in the growth factor of Covid-19 cases. “We have seen an average growth factor of 1.2 since April 1. Between March 15 and March 31, the growth factor was 2.1,” Agarwal said. “Therefore, there is a 40% decline in average growth factor of Covid-19 cases.” He added that this decline was seen even as the government increased testing.

The Centre also said the outcome ratio of Covid-19, which is the ratio between Covid-19 recoveries and deaths, is 80:20. Agarwal said that India’s outcome ratio was higher than several other countries.

Agarwal added that 1,749 patients [13.06%] have recovered from Covid-19 in India. The patient count in India rose more than 1,000 to reach 13,835 by Friday evening. The nationwide toll went up to 452, according to health ministry data.

At the press briefing, Dr R Gangakhedkar from the Indian Council of Medical Research said that more than 3.19 lakh Covid-19 tests have been done in India so far. On Thursday alone, 28,340 tests were conducted.