A 28-year-old sumo wrestler on Wednesday died from the coronavirus, reported AP. Shoubushi, whose real name is Kiyotaka Suetake, is reportedly the first sumo wrestler to die from the infection, and also among the youngest in Japan.

The Japan Sumo Association said Shoubushi died of multiple-organ failure. Shoubushi, who suffered from diabetes, first developed a fever on April 4, but could not get a test or find a hospital, according to Kyodo News. The sumo wrestler’s symptoms worsened and he was admitted to a hospital on April 8. He was later moved to the Intensive Care Unit on April 19 after his condition further deteriorated.

Japan Sumo Association Chariman Hakkaku told Kyodo News that Shoubushi fought the disease till the end. “I can only imagine how hard it must have been, battling illness for over a month,” he said, adding that like a wrestler, he endured it bravely. “I just want him to rest peacefully now.”

Meanwhile, the Japan Sumo Association said it will conduct antibody tests to check for a history of coronavirus among its members. Earlier this month, the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament that was scheduled to take place from May 24 to June 7 at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Japan has so far recorded over 16,049 cases and 678 deaths.

Earlier on Sunday, the country’s health ministry had said that more than 90% hospital beds that were kept aside for coronavirus patients in Tokyo were occupied, according to Reuters. The ministry said that 1,832 coronavirus patients were hospitalised in the capital till April 28, and 91.6% of the 2,000 beds were made available for them.

The Tokyo Metropolitan government may increase the number of beds to 4,000. An unidentified health ministry official told the agency that there is a possibility that the virus will spread further. “It is necessary to bring closer the number of beds from 2,000 to such target quickly.”