Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday called India and the European Union “natural partners” that have some universal values in common, Hindustan Times reported.

“Both India and EU share universal values like democracy, pluralism, inclusivity, respect for international institutions, multilaterism, freedom and transparency,” Modi said while addressing an India-EU Summit via videoconferencing.


The prime minister called India and the European Union “natural partners”. “Our partnership is also useful for peace and stability in the world,” he added. “This reality has become even more clear in today’s global situation.”

Modi said that in a post-coronavirus world there will be new economic challenges that democratic countries must come together to face.

“We have till date sent medicines to nearly 150 countries,” he added. “We have also taken the initiative to create a joint operation against Covid-19 in our region. We welcome the initiative of ‘accelerating the access to Covid-19 tools’ taken by EU and its countries. India’s pharmaceutical companies are ready to contribute to this global attempt.”

India has sold large amounts of hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol to other countries over the last few months.

The prime minister said that apart from the health crisis, long-term problems like climate change are also a priority for both India and the European Union. Modi called for European technological investment in India’s efforts to increase the use of renewable energy in the country.