Delhi University professor Apoorvanand was on Monday questioned by the police in connection with communal violence that broke out in the city in February. The professor said his phone has been seized for investigation and he spent five hours with the police.

In a statement on Tuesday, Apoorvanand said the police should not harass and victimise protestors and their supporters, who through constitutional means, opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act, National Register of Citizens and the process to create a National Population Register. “While cooperating and respecting the right of police authorities to conduct a full, fair and thorough investigation, one can only hope that the probe would focus on the real instigators and perpetrators of the violence against a peaceful citizens’ protest and the people of North East Delhi,” he added.

Apoorvanand, who teaches Hindi at Delhi University, urged the police to conduct a thorough, just and fair investigation into the violence, which left at least 53 dead and hundreds injured. “It is disturbing to see a theory emerging which treats the supporters of the protestors as the source of violence,” he said.

The professor has written scores of articles in a variety of publications, including, explaining his opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act and the government crackdown on universities.