The Indian Railways has decided to end the British-era practice of appointing “bungalow peons”, known as telephone attendants-cum-dak khalasis, at the residence of senior officials, PTI reported on Friday.

Senior railway officers of the rank of director and above were entitled to such a service, where the peons take care of any personal needs an officer may have and as well as any official work given to them. However, allegations have surfaced that their services have been misused by officers.

“The issue regarding the appointment of TADK is under review in Railway Board,” an order said. “It has, therefore, been decided that any appointment of fresh face substitutes as TADK should not either be processed or made with immediate effect. Further, all cases approved for such appointments since July 1, 2020, may be reviewed and position advised to board. This may be complied with strictly in all Railway establishments.”

A spokesperson for the Railways said many practices and management tools are under review due to changes in technology and working conditions, according to Hindustan Times. “Indian Railways is on a fast transformational path of all-round progress,” the spokesperson added.

The bungalow peons are temporary employees of the Railways in the Group D category after initially serving for 120 days. The position becomes permanent after a screening test on completion of three years of service. The number of peons an officer can have depended on rank and seniority.