Business magnate and industrial designer Elon Musk said on Friday that United States electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla will make its entry into India in 2021. Musk is the chief executive officer of the company.

Musk made the revelation when a Twitter handle called Tesla Club India said it was hopeful that Tesla would enter the Indian market. “Hey Elon , just thought we’d put this out here,” the tweet said. “We wait and hang on to hope wrt ‘hopefully soon’ for India Tesla entry. Would love to hear of any progress in this regard.”

In response, Musk said: “Next year for sure.”

Musk has made such announcements in the past. In 2016, he said that the company would launch the Tesla Model 3 in India with a countrywide supercharger network, Car and Bike reported. However, this has not happened. In 2018, Musk said he had plans to begin Tesla operations in India in 2019, but this too did not come to fruition.

In July, Musk had tweeted that Tesla would come to India “hopefully soon”, IANS had reported. His remark was in reply to a Twitter user, Arvind Gupta, who said he had booked a Tesla Model 3 electric car four years ago.