Goa Deputy Chief Minister Chandrakant Babu Kavlekar, who is accused of sending vulgar videos on a WhatsApp group, has filed a hacking complaint with the cyber police, NDTV reported on Tuesday. This came after the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee and the women’s unit of the Goa Forward Party lodged separate police complaints against Kavlekar.

The message from his phone went to a group of social activists around 1.20 am on Monday, according to ANI. The video clips were sent to a WhatsApp group called “Villages of Goa”.

In his police complaint, Kavlekar said the clips were sent to the WhatsApp group from his phone when he was “nowhere near the phone and fast asleep”. He alleged that “some miscreants” had sent them, adding that they were “intentionally masked in my name with some criminal intention”.

The deputy chief minister said these were attempts to “defame my name and project a wrong image of me in front of the public”. He added: “I demand strong action against all miscreants and unscrupulous individuals who have criminally hacked/tampered with my mobile phone and uploaded and transmitted obscene material.”

Kavlekar had switched from the Congress to the Bharatiya Janata Party last year.