India on Wednesday deplored the “personal attacks in unacceptable language” by countries like Turkey and Pakistan on France President Emmanuel Macron for his firm stance against Islamism following the beheading of a teacher near Paris on October 17. India said there was no justification for terrorism for any reason or under any circumstance.

Without taking names, India said that the statements made by various leaders violated the most basic standards of international discourse.

“We strongly deplore the personal attacks in unacceptable language on President Emmanuel Macron in violation of the most basic standards of international discourse,” the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement. “We also condemn the brutal terrorist attack that took the life of a French teacher in a gruesome manner that has shocked the world. We offer our condolences to his family and the people of France.”

Since an 18-year-old boy beheaded a French schoolteacher who had shown caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in class, Macron has strongly defended such depictions as protected by the right to free speech. He called the incident an “Islamist attack” and urged citizens to stand up against extremism.

“Islamists want our future,” Macron had said. His government plans a bill aimed at rooting out what Macron calls “Islamist separatism,” which he contends has created a parallel culture in France, one that rejects French laws and norms, according to AP.

Macron’s stance has drawn anger from Muslim political leaders. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has led the charge against France, questioning Macron’s mental state. Erdogan said Macron needed his head examined and had lost his way. He also called on Turks to boycott French goods.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused the French leader chose to encourage anti-Muslim sentiment and creating polarisation in the society.

“This is a time when President Macron could have put healing touch and denied space to extremists rather than creating further polarization & marginalization that inevitably leads to radicalization,” he said in a series of tweets. “By attacking Islam, clearly without having any understanding of it, President Macron has attacked & hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims in Europe and across the world.”