Twitter on Wednesday flagged content of a tweet by United States President Donald Trump as “disputed” and “might be misleading”, as counting for the presidential election was still underway. The response from the microblogging site came after Trump in one of his tweets claimed that his party was leading in the polls but the rival Democrats were “trying to steal the elections”.

Trump’s claim came even as the race to the White House continued to be an increasingly tight one and several analysts said that it was too early to make a call on the final outcome.

On Tuesday, another of Trump’s tweets was flagged with similar warnings after the US President termed a Supreme Court decision on absentee ballots in Pennsylvania state, as a “very dangerous one”.

In his tweet, Trump claimed without citing any evidence that the ruling would “allow rampant and unchecked cheating” and would lead to “violence in the streets”.

In the Pennsylvania case, the court refused a plea from Republicans in the state that it decide before the election day whether election officials can continue receiving absentee ballots for three days after November 3.

As far as the counting is concerned, as of 12.55 pm IST, the New York Times reported that Trump has earned 213 electoral college votes, while his Democrat rival Biden had bagged 225. The winner needs at least 270 electoral college votes.