Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday criticised “TRP [Television Rating Points] centric journalism” and said that rating meters installed in 50,000 houses cannot measure the opinion of crores of people.

Speaking at the orientation programme of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Javadekar also asserted that the freedom of press has to be preserved in a democracy but media should remember that freedom comes with responsibility.

“There is no need for any drama or sensation if your story is based on facts,” he said. “There are plenty of constructive stories in society, but sadly nobody in the media has time to publish them.”

He cited government projects like providing gas connections under the Ujjwala scheme, setting up of WiFi facilities at airports and railway stations, the direct benefit transfer scheme to suggest that development-related matters should also be part of the news cycle.

“Is it not news? Contributing to the growth of society is the duty of journalism,” he said.

The minister said fibre connectivity in about two lakh villages has transformed the lives of people in rural areas.

“One can now watch 104 channels and 50 educational channels free of cost through the Doordarshan free dish,” Javadekar said. “Three hundred community radio stations offer new opportunities to local artists and a change is clearly visible in those areas.”