A 23-year-old man in Haryana, who had married a woman from a different caste, was stabbed to death allegedly by his brothers-in-law, NDTV reported on Saturday. The woman’s brothers were against the marriage even though the families had expressed their approval. This is the second such incident in the state in three days.

The incident took place in a busy market in Haryana’s Panipat city on Friday evening. The accused called the man, named Neeraj, and asked him to meet them. One of the accused stabbed him at least 12 times.

Neeraj’s brother Jagdeesh, the complainant, said that the accused called their sister and told her “you will cry soon”. He also that they had been threatening Neeraj for a long time. “We had sought police protection, but our request was ignored,” he was quoted as saying by NDTV. “They [the accused] called us again saying, there will be more deaths.”

The couple got married in November. “The woman and the man’s families had agreed to the marriage and this was given in writing at a village panchayat meeting,” Panipat Deputy Superintendent of Police Satish Kumar Vats said. “But the woman’s brothers did not approve, and had been threatening the couple.”

The police have filed a case against the accused but are yet to make arrests, according to PTI.

On Wednesday, a 28-year-old woman and her partner had been shot dead by her uncle in Haryana’s Rohtak city, India Today reported. They were attacked on their way to the court to get married, according to NDTV.