The Directorate of Education on Wednesday announced that nursery school admissions in Delhi will begin from February 18, reported PTI.

The application process will begin on February 18 and the first list is expected on March 20, Assistant Director of Education Yogesh Pal Singh told PTI. The entire process will conclude on March 31.

Usually, nursery admissions in around 1,700 schools in the Capital begin in the last week of November. The Directorate of Education releases guidelines and schools are asked to furnish required information, following which the application process is rolled out in December. However, there had been no development on it in 2020, owing to the coronavirus crisis.

In December, Delhi government officials had said that a proposal to scrap nursery admissions was being considered, given that the schools had been closed for nine months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and will remain closed till a vaccine is available. A whole year of online learning for small children seems unviable, they had said.

But school principals had opposed this idea. In January, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, too, had ruled out scrapping nursery admissions.