Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday criticised the Centre over the three new farm laws, suggesting that the government’s aim was not to give farmers the correct price for their produce, but to destroy their markets, News18 reported.

“The first one [law] destroys the farmers market, the second one is to allow the richest to procure as much as grain and unlimited hoarding,” Gandhi said at rally in the state Capital Thiruvananthapuram. “They [government] have only one aim [that] the farmer does not get the right price for their produce...That everybody – the middle class, farmers, labourers have to pay more.”

He also pulled up the government for the rising petrol and diesel prices in the country, claiming that the fuel rates were increasing despite crude oil becoming cheaper in international markets.

“Thousands of crores of rupees are being taken from your pocket every day,” the Congress leader said, according to News 18. “Where is this money going? To whom is this money being given? This is being given to the richest people in this country.”

Gandhi also accused the Central government of imposing its will and power on the judiciary, the Hindustan Times reported. “Not just courts, they do not allow discussions in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha either and drop elected governments repeatedly,” Gandhi said at Mallapuram city, during his two-day visit to the poll-bound state.

Speaking a day after V Narayanasamy resigned as Puducherry chief minister after falling short of the majority in the Assembly, Gandhi said: “For the first time, winning the election means losing and vice-versa.”