The Bihar Assembly witnessed chaos on Tuesday as the Opposition moved a motion against a Bill that gives more powers to the police, The Hindu reported. Rashtriya Janata Dal workers also staged a protest march to the Assembly, leading to a scuffle with the police which left many injured.

The Assembly session saw multiple adjournments as the RJD shouted slogans against the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill, 2021. Leaders from the Opposition claim that the draft law has provisions that will give power to the Special Armed Police, earlier called the Bihar Military Police, to search and arrest with no warrants.

The Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government said it had introduced the proposed legislation to deal with the complex security requirements of the state, according to PTI.

Despite the chaos in the state Assembly, the Bill was passed on Tuesday evening, much after the stipulated time. After being removed from the House, Opposition MLAs sat outside the building and shouted slogans.

Opposition members stormed the well of the House soon after state minister Bijendra Yadav presented the Bill, PTI reported. They also surrounded the chamber of Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha and shouted slogans. A few politicians prevented the Speaker from leaving his chamber.

Police officials in riot gear reached the Assembly premises to evict the MLAs who refused to let the speaker out, according to the news agency.

A video showed security personnel carrying MLAs out of the Assembly. Meanwhile, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav alleged that Opposition MLAs wanted to speak against the Bill but were assaulted, ANI reported. “This law means that search will be conducted without warrant and any policemen can arrest if he believes something is wrong,” he said. “No use of courts and magistrate.”

Yadav was also taken into custody as he took part in a march against the proposed law, PTI reported. The RJD shared multiple videos of the turmoil, accusing the police of thrashing Opposition MLAs.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said some new MLAs needed training in parliamentary behaviour, according to PTI. “Had the Opposition allowed the House to run, the government would have addressed its concerns,” he said. “But, that opportunity was frittered away.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the police used water cannons and batons to stop RJD workers from marching to the Assembly in protest, according to The Hindu. There were some instances of stone-pelting, causing injuries to police officials, RJD workers and journalists.

The Opposition in Bihar also alleges that the Bill is a way to enforce “police rule” in the state, The Print reported. “As it is, police are notorious for overlooking rules in arrests and raids,” RJD MLA Awadh Bihari Choudhary told the website. “This Bill, if passed, will legalise such arrests and raids, and there will be violation of human rights more brazenly.

The MLA added: “How can we be sure it will not be sure that it will not be misused against political opponents or even sections agitating for their demands?”