The Press Information Bureau – the mouthpiece of the central government – and some media outlets on Wednesday deleted a tweet quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his views about school examinations were ridiculed by social media users, AltNews reported.

In his annual virtual dialogue with school students during the “Parikasha Pe Charcha” programme, Modi advised them to first attempt the tough questions in exams instead of the easy ones.

In the full clip of Modi’s interaction with students, he can be heard making the comments from 13.21 minute to 14.15. The prime minister said students should always try to attempt the difficult topic in the beginning and devote more time to it. “I advise that try to attempt the tougher questions first because your mind is fresh and your ability to solve the tough questions will be more,” he said.


His comments were mocked on Twitter as his advice is different from the conventional wisdom, where teachers and parents tell students to attempt easy questions first and then move on to difficult ones.

Modi said he also started by tackling the difficult subjects first when he became the prime minister. “When I wake up in the morning, I get ready to fight the difficult things,” he added.

The Press Information Bureau, the Mann ki Baat handle, and the Prime Minister’s Office have since deleted the tweets on Modi’s advice. However, a tweet by MyGovIndia was still available.

Here’s how social media users and some Opposition leaders reacted: