Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday that the Aam Aadmi Party government will provide Rs 50,000 compensation to all families that have lost a member to the coronavirus.

Kejriwal said that if the person who died of the infection was the earning member of the family, the government will provide Rs 2,500 per month along with the ex-gratia amount.

“Due to the coronavirus and the lockdown, the common public is facing financial difficulties,” the chief minister said, adding that the government has come up with steps to provide relief to the people during this time.

Kejriwal announced that his government will provide all ration cardholders 5 kg ration for free along with another 5 kg given by the central government. “For those who do not have a ration card, the Delhi government will provide ration to them as well,” he said. “The people who will say they are poor, will be given ration.”

Kejriwal said that his government provided ration to people during the first wave too and the plan will be implemented within a few days. “If someone says they are poor we will give ration without asking for income proof,” the chief minister said.

The chief minister also said that if children have lost both his parents, with at least one dead because of Covid-19, they will be given Rs 2,500 till they are 25 years of age. The Delhi government will also provide their education for free.

Kejriwal said that people will ask where the government will get this money from. “We looked into where we can save money and brought these four schemes,” he said.

Delhi is facing the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. To rein in the infection, the Kejriwal government announced a lockdown on April 19, which has been subsequently extended every week. It is expected to end on May 24.

During the lockdown, daily coronavirus cases and the positivity rate has declined. The positivity rate had crossed 30% in April. On Tuesday, the rate stood at 8.42%. Delhi also reported 4,524 cases, pushing the infection tally in the national Capital to 13,98,391. The daily toll, however, has remained high. With 340 new deaths, the fatality count climbed to 21,846.