The southwest monsoon has set in over Kerala on Thursday after a two-day delay, the India Meteorological Department said in its bulletin.

“Southwest Monsoon has advanced into some parts of south Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep area, south Kerala, south Tamil Nadu, remaining parts of Comorin – Maldives area and some more parts of southwest Bay of Bengal today, the 3rd June 2021,” the weather department said.

The weather agency declares the onset of monsoon on the basis of a couple of criteria. This includes monitoring 14 stations that have reported over 60% of the “reported rainfall 2.5 mm or more on past 2 days consecutively”. The strengthening speed of the westerly winds to upto 20 knots and use of satellite imagery are also observed before the declaration.

“Southwest monsoon is likely to advance into remaining parts of south Arabian Sea, some
parts of central Arabian Sea, remaining parts of Kerala and Lakshadweep, some more parts
of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, some parts of coastal and south interior Karnataka,
Rayalaseema and some more parts of south and central Bay of Bengal during next 2 days,” the weather department said.

On June 1, the India Meteorological Department said that overall, the country will witness 96% to 104% of the Long Period Average, or LPA rainfall. The LPA is a mean of the rainfall recorded in the country over a period of fifty years.

As far as the various regions are concerned, northwest India (92% to 108%) and the south peninsula (93%-107%) will receive normal rainfall in the four monsoon months, the forecast noted. Northeast India (less than 95%) will get “below normal” rainfall, while central India (more than 106%) is likely to receive “above normal” rains.

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