Several major websites, including those of the United Kingdom government, e-commerce company Amazon, search engine Google and leading news websites like the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Guardian and Bloomberg News faced an outage across the globe on Tuesday afternoon, Reuters reported. By evening, most of the websites had fixed the glitch.

Users faced disruptions on popular websites like Vimeo, Quora and Reddit too.

Downdetector, a portal that detects outages on websites, showed that instances of users flagging disruptions on a number of websites spiked for a brief period, before coming back to normal. An archive of outages on Downdetector showed that at least 13 leading websites faced problems in a span of 30 minutes.

Downdetector data showing disruptions on websites flagged by users (Source:

The outage was caused due to a glitch that appeared earlier on content delivery network, or CDN provider, Fastly. The portal confirmed that it faced an outage on its status website. At 5.27 pm IST, the website said that it it had “applied a fix” to the glitch.

“Customers may continue to experience decreased cache hit ratio and increased origin load as global services return,” the firm said in its last update.

Fastly helps websites move content using less-congested routes, enabling them to reach consumers faster, according to Reuters.