An interfaith couple were allegedly killed by the woman’s family in Karnataka’s Vijayapura district, The Indian Express reported on Thursday. The police have arrested the woman’s father, brother and two brothers-in-law.

Basavaraj Madivalapaa Badiger, 19, and Davalbi Bandagisab, 18, were found dead in a field on Tuesday. Badiger was Dalit, while Bandagisab belonged to the Muslim community, according to the newspaper. The woman’s family had been pressuring the man to leave her.

According to the first information report filed in the case, the woman’s family members found Bandagisab with the man and informed her father. After this, he along with her brothers and other relatives allegedly tied the couple with a rope, stabbed them and smashed their heads with a rock.

“Prima facie, it looks like a case of honour killing,” Vijayapura Superintendent of Police Anupam Agarwal told The Indian Express.

Badiger’s mother told the newspaper that she rushed to the field as soon as she came to know about the incident. “I requested them [the woman’s family] not to beat them,” she said. “I said we will advise them but they didn’t listen to me and threatened me too.” She added that her son was killed in front of her eyes.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing their search for the fifth suspect the case, according to The Hindu. Agarwal said a team has been formed to arrest him.