Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven resigned on Monday, a week after losing a confidence vote in the Parliament, Reuters reported. He had been occupying the top post since 2014.

Lofven, the head of Sweden’s Social Democratic Party, is the first leader in the country to lose a vote of confidence, according to the AP.

The no-confidence motion against Lofven’s party had been moved by the nationalist Sweden Democrats party on June 21. The motion succeeded as the Left Party withdrew its support to Lofven because of certain housing-related legislations proposed by his government.

Swedish MPs voted 181-109 against Lofven’s government, the AP reported. Fifty one Parliament members abstained from voting.

After losing the trust vote, Lofven had the choice to call snap elections, but he said it won’t be in the country’s best interests amid the Covid-19 crisis, according to AFP. General elections in Sweden are scheduled to take place after a year.

Lofven criticised opposition MPs for ousting him without having an alternative government.

He will continue to lead Sweden until a new government is formed. “The Speaker will now begin work on proposing a prime minister who can be tolerated by the Riksdag [the Assembly],” he said, according to the AP. “The government will continue to govern the country for now but as the caretaking government.”