A week after the Madhya Pradesh government set a “national record” by administering Covid-19 vaccines to over 16 lakh people on June 21, allegations have emerged that many beneficiaries did not even get a single dose of the shot, NDTV reported on Monday.

In state capital Bhopal, a 13-year-old had received a message from the government saying: “You have been successfully vaccinated with your first dose of Covishield”. This came even as the Indian government is yet to start vaccinating those below 18. But, the message with a link to download vaccination certificate showed Vedant Dangre’s age as 56.

Rajat Dangre told NDTV that he received a message at 7.27 pm last Monday that his son with disabilities had been vaccinated. “He is just 13 years old,” he added. “I tried to raise a complaint but it was of no use. When I downloaded the certificate using the link, I was shocked to find out they have used his documents which I submitted a few days back to the municipal corporation for his pension [as a person with special needs].”

Meanwhile in Satna city, Chainendra Pandey said he received messages saying three people that he did not know have been inoculated. Pandey, who has not been vaccinated yet, told the television channel, “Three messages within five minutes. Just the name is different.”

In Ratlam city, tax consultant Prem Pandya said he had booked a slot for vaccination but was unable to go. But, he also received a message at 4 pm on June 21 that he had been vaccinated. “How did I get the vaccine?” he asked. “I wrote about it on Facebook. Then the next day, I got a call saying please come and that is how I got the vaccine.”

In a report, Dainik Bhaskar said 555 Aadhaar numbers have recorded two doses of vaccination against them and 90 Aadhaar numbers have recorded three doses against them in Bhopal.

In one camp in Bairagarh, 16 doses have been registered against the same Aadhaar number. Authorities investigated vaccination data of 10,000 beneficiaries.

Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang dismissed the allegations. “There is no such problem,” he told NDTV. “I don’t know from where you got the information. I am hearing this for the first time. If anything comes up, we will get it investigated.”

As Scroll.in first reported, the Indian government’s claim of creating a “world record” by vaccinating 86 lakh beneficiaries on June 21 was enabled by a slowdown in inoculations in some Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states in the preceding days. These claims of “highest ever single day coverage” across the world were made as the Narendra Modi government rolled out its new vaccination policy, taking back the responsibility for procuring doses for states.

The slowdown in Madhya Pradesh had started from June 17 itself. While 3,38,847 vaccine doses were delivered on June 16, the next four days showed a steeply declining trend: 1,24,226 doses on June 17, 14,862 doses on June 18, 22,006 doses on June 19, and just 692 doses of the vaccine on June 20.

The Congress also castigated the Centre, saying that the single-day record rise in vaccination figures was a “pre-planned image-booster” artificially manufactured by holding back vaccines.