Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said Islamabad accepts the “Chinese version” how it says it treats Uyghur Muslims because of its “extreme proximity and relationship” with Beijing, The Dawn reported.

According to researchers, there is a systematic dehumanisation of Muslim minorities in southern Xinjiang. Chinese authorities have been accused of forced birth control, sexual abuse and torture to destroy the ethnic population. Last month, a report by Amnesty International said thousands of Muslims are living in a “dystopian hellscape” in the region, The Guardian reported. Muslims told the human rights organisation that they are not allowed to practise Islam and forbidden from using their mother tongue.

Despite this, Khan told reporters that the “Chinese version” was completely different from what was being reported in Western media. However, this is not the first time he has said this.

China has constantly denied the allegations of wrongdoing in Xinjiang, claiming its sprawling network of camps in the region are “re-education” facilities used to combat terrorism. As per independent estimates, more than a million men and women have been detained in these camps.

“There are much worse human rights violations taking place in other parts of the world such as in occupied Kashmir,” Khan alleged. “But Western media hardly comments on this.”

The Pakistan prime minister said it was hypocritical of reporters to just highlight the situation in China.

While speaking on the 100th anniversary of Communist Party, Khan also praised Chinese President Xi Jinping. “Until now, we had been told that the best way for societies to improve was through Western democracy,” he added. “The CPC has introduced an alternative model and they have beaten all Western democracies in the way they have highlighted merit in society.”

Khan said China has always supported Pakistan, adding that ties between both the countries have improved. “The people of China have a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis,” he added.

He warned that it would be detrimental for India to act as a counter balance to China, according to The Dawn. “China is too strong,” Khan said. “India will reap far greater benefits by engaging in trade with China rather than trying to act as a counter balance. If anyone is going to lose out, it will be India.”

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