The Goods and Services Tax collection for the month of June fell to Rs 92,849 crore, the finance ministry said on Tuesday. This is the lowest monthly collection this year. The collection was less than Rs 1 lakh crore after eight months.

In April, the GST collection hit an all-time record of Rs 1.41 lakh crore, while in March the figure was at nearly Rs 1.24 lakh crore.

Of the total collection in June, Rs 16,424 crore came from Central GST, while Rs 20,397 crore came from the State GST component. Integrated GST collections amounted for Rs 49,079 crore, according to government data.

The GST revenues for the month were 2% higher than the collection in the same month last year.

In an official release, the finance ministry noted that most states and and Union Territories were under partial or full lockdown due to Covid-19 during the month of May. This led to the generation of fewer number of e-way bills, the ministry said. The GST data for June pertains to business transactions made in May.

“The e-way bill data for the month of May 2021 shows that during the month, 3.99 crore e-way bills were generated as compared to 5.88 crore in the month of April 2021, down by more than 30%,” the release stated.

E-way bills are electronic bills generated for transporting goods whose value exceed Rs 50,000.