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Lab notes: Lack of sleep can worsen pain after surgery but caffeine can help

A new study find the mechanism by which caffeine can reduce post-operative pain.

Doctors and medical researchers have long pointed o how essential sleep is for good health and how a chronic lack of sleep can lead to many health problems. Now, a team of scientists has demonstrated that sleep before a surgery plays an important role in reducing post-operative pain.

The researchers worked on the premise that the relationship between sleep and pain is reciprocal and that several studies demonstrated that pre- and postoperative sleep disturbances worsen pain and predict the onset of long-term postoperative pain.”

They set out to examine whether brief, total sleep deprivation in rats immediately before surgery worsens postoperative pain and increases recovery time, predicting that such a disturbance would worsen postoperative pain. After using a rat surgical model to test their hypothesis and on examining the data, the team found that extended wakefulness prior to surgery significantly enhanced postoperative pain behaviors in rats and extended recovery time after surgery.

But the team also wanted to examine if treatments or interventions could minimise the effect of sleep loss by reducing the severity of the pain. They decided to analyse the effect of the widely-used stimulant caffeine. They found that caffeine blocked the increase in surgical pain caused by previous sleep loss, but only on those rats that underwent sleep deprivation before surgery. This has led the researchers to conclude that the effect is not due to caffeine’s analgesic properties but because caffeine might block part of the neurochemical changes induced by sleep deprivation in specific brain areas that control sleep and wakefulness, and project to pain-related sites.

The researchers say that their results, published in the journal Sleep, are relevant because sleep disorders and insufficient sleep are highly prevalent problems in society. Patients also often travel long distances during nights or early mornings before being admitted into the hospital for elective surgery. Ad thus do not get adequate sleep before surgery.

The team says more studies are required on the subject.

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When house hunting is as easy as shopping for groceries

The supermarket experience comes to a sector where you least expected it.

The woes of a house hunter in India are many. The dreary process starts with circling classifieds in newspapers and collecting shiny brochures. You flip through the proposed and ready designs that launch a hundred daydreams on the spot. So far so good. But, every house hunter would attest to the soul-crushing experience of checking out a disappointing property.

The kitchen of a 2BHK is carved from the corner of the hall, the 3BHK is a converted 2BHK, the building looks much older than in the pictures…. after months of reading the fine line, and between the lines, you feel like all the diagrams and highlights seem to blur into each other.

After much mental stress, if you do manage to zero in on a decent property, there’s a whole new world of knowledge to be navigated - home loans to be sifted through, taxes to be sorted and a finance degree to be earned for understanding it all.

Do you wish a real estate platform would address all your woes? Like a supermarket, where your every need (and want) is catered to? Imagine all your property choices nicely lined up and arranged with neat labels and offers. Imagine being able to compare all your choices side by side. Imagine viewing verfied listings and knowing what you see is what you get. Imagine having other buyers and experts guiding you along every step while you make one of the most important investments in your life. Imagine...

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