It is one of the most talked about, breathtaking and unpredictable TV shows in the last five years.

Homeland (Star World Premiere) is centered around the brilliant – and, in season 5, former – CIA operative Carrie Mathison, who sits on the edge of her seat and keeps the audience on theirs. The show started with the release of a Prisoner of War, a US Marine who has returned after years in captivity in Afghanistan, and the CIA agent who trails him to find his truth, but ends up falling in love.

In its four seasons since, the show has cemented its reputation as one where nothing is as it seems, no incident is predictable, and no plan ever works out as intended.


Claire Danes is spectacular. She has won two Primetime Emmys and two Golden Globes for her role in the series and it is more than well-deserved. Carrie Mathison seemed to have been written for Danes, and thank the TV gods for that.

Her nervous energy is contagious and, once the show begins, you can’t help but walk, think, talk and watch the entire show keeping up with her constantly ticking mind. It’s never at rest. You can’t blame Carrie for that. Plot twists and secret strategies are a staple ingredient in Homeland, but somehow it never gets old.

It’s fast, fickle, dramatic and more often than you’d expect, emotional. In Season 5, Carrie works for a private security firm, and several contemporary events are woven in, some of them leading to embarrassments.

But I’ll just have to ask you again, how are you not watching Homeland?