Lousy timing or superb marketing? Film and television actor Gajendra Chauhan finally took charge as chairperson of the Film and Television Institute of India on January 7 for the first time since he was named to the position on June 9, 2015. His entry into the fabled campus was greeted with protests by students, who had gone on a 139-day strike soon after Chauhan’s appointment was announced.

On Tuesday, an item song from the upcoming movie Any Time Money, whose cast includes Chauhan, Sheetal Shah and Avtar Gill, was posted on YouTube. Here is Chauhan, who plays a politician, enjoying his drink and the loose-hipped charms of a dancer played by Shah.


A synopsis of the movie by Mahesh G Sharma (not to be confused with the Minister of State for Culture and Tourism and Civil Aviation) is as follows: “Dark and provocative, this bold socio-political drama incisively probes into rampant corruption in politics through the complex events sparked by a cunning woman, who is willing to stoop to any lengths to fulfil her delusions of grandeur.”

Chauhan, who is a member of the BJP, has appeared in a variety of roles on both TV and film. He is best-known for playing the Pandava prince Yudhishthira in BR Chopra’s television series Mahabharata, and his movie credits include Baghban and Barsaat. Chauhan has also acted in low-budget movies with adult themes, including Khuli Khidki, Vasna and Jungle Love.

Any Time Money does not have a release date yet.