Love in Tokyo was part of a trilogy of romance conducted in interesting places and featuring the apple-cheeked charms of Joy Mukherjee. Pramod Chakravorty’s 1966 love story was preceded by Love in Simla and followed in Love in Bombay. Mukherjee plays Ashok, the scion of a wealthy family who loses his heart to Asha (Asha Parekh) whom he meets in the Japanese capital. Filled with the colourful hedonism of the 1960s, Love in Tokyo provides a heavily subsidised tour of Japan and has a popular soundtrack by Shankar-Jaikishan, including “Sayonara Sayonara” and “Mujhe Tum Mile Gaye Humdum.”

The song “Sayonara Sayonara” introduced the Japanese farewell greeting to countless Indians, including Manish Prabhune, who remembers watching the movie on Doordarshan as a boy. Prabhune moved to Tokyo in 1998 for a posting at a branch of New India Assurance, and he continues to work in the city. Prabhune visited the locations used in the 1966 film and took photographs from the same angles for his blog. How much has changed, and how much hasn’t? See 40-year-old Prabhune’s unique two-toned tribute to the magic of Love in Tokyo and the city itself in this set of photographs.