“Filmed by you,” reads the closing credits of a sneak peek into the Google-initiated crowd-sourced documentary India in a Day. The trailer is a reminder of October 10, 2015, the day when the company ran a campaign urging Indians to film a slice of their life that would become a part of a “mega cell phone film”.


The trailer was first previewed at Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s keynote speech at the Google For India event held in Delhi in December 2015.

Produced by Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap and put together by director Richie Mehta, the film follows the lives of individuals who demonstrate how the internet is empowering them and the country.

A young participant extols India as a “country of brotherhood”. Several others film the world around them, capturing hyper-kinetic images of India’s reality – the song and dance, the chaotic traffic snarls, the masses of people huddling in trains and temples.

The film then shifts focus to explore India's technological leap through the eyes of its young men and women who narrate their triumphs. The feature-length film is expected to release later in the year.