The Stark kids have never had it easy. It started when Bran was pushed from a high tower at Winterfell as early as episode one of season one. A constant stream of disasters and misfortune has followed them wherever they may be in the Seven Kingdoms of the Game of Thrones universe.

The children of Lord Eddard Stark have been killed (Robb), repeatedly abused (Sansa), on a treacherous journey beyond the wall (Bran), and lost (Rickon). But none of them has been as remarkable through all the turmoil as the audience favourite Arya Stark (Maisie Williams).

Right from the beginning, the fierce, angry and willful Arya is portrayed differently from her mother Catelyn and sister Sansa. While Sansa learns needlework, Arya knows how to shoot an arrow. Sansa wants to be a princess; Arya wants to be a fighter.

Ever since the death of Ned Stark in season one, Arya has had a fair share of fighting and surviving to do. And while things may seem difficult for her, now that she is blind, far away, and alone in Braavos, it is important to remind ourselves that Arya can take care of herself a little too well.

Before we start to feel bad for our favourite wolf in the pack, let’s recap to some of the fiercest Arya moments from all the five seasons.

Arya, the fearless We first see her intolerance to injustice and her fiery spirit when Joffrey interrupts her sword-fighting practice with her friend, the butcher’s boy. Joffrey attacks the boy but unfortunately for him, Arya will have none of his “I’m the Prince” nonsense. Joffrey gets what he deserves.

Arya Stark.

Arya, the water dancer Jon Snow, Arya’s half-brother and the one she is closest to, gifts her a sword, called the Needle, and advises that she “stick them with the pointy end”. When she convinces her father about how committed she is to sword-fighting, he brings the sword fighter of Braavos, Syrio Forel, to train her.

Arya meets Brennie.

Arya is back at Braavos in season six, and now more than ever needs to be as swift and certain as a sword. This is where she might meet Forel again, a reunion all of us are eager to see.

Arya, a girl with the names The faceless man, Jaqen H’ghar, promises to kill any three men named by Arya. But he is not there to slay Tywin Lannister when she needs him to. Arya turns on Jaqen H’ghr, and swears to un-name him in exchange for his help in planning her escape from Harrenhal.

‘Arya’s Service with the Faceless Men’.

Arya, a lord’s cup bearer Stuck at Harrenhal while on her way back to Winterfell, Arya finds herself playing the part of Lord Tywin’s cup bearer. The short interaction with Tywin Lannister remains to this day one of the most outstanding moments of Arya Stark.

Arya, the killer Season four finds her travelling with Sandor Clegane. One of the most dangerous fighters in Westeros, Clegane decides to take Arya Stark to her aunt, Lady Arryn, in the hope of ransom. It is during this journey that Arya kills for the first time without flinching.

Eventually she leaves Clegane to die. Alone and injured.

Arya, the avenger Arya has a lot of names to strike off the kill list. She gets one of them in the last season. Meryn Trant is a pedophile and brute and also the one who physically abuses and strips Sansa in court before Tyrion Lannister interrupts the disgusting spectacle of sadism.

Things may seem bleak, but Arya is tougher than most people in Westoros and across the Narrow sea. She will get through the rest of her kill list. On her way to becoming a faceless killer, a girl with no name, Arya Stark could very well be too fierce for her own good.

‘Arya and the Hall of Faces’.