Filmmaker and astute Twitter commentator Shirish Kunder has written, edited, directed and composed the insistent background score of Kriti. The 18.51-minute short film has been premiered on the Muvizz YouTube channel. Kriti is Sapan’s new girlfriend, and she has agoraphobia. Kalpana, the psychiatrist at whose clinic this revelation has been made, is played by Radhika Apte, who depicted an agoraphobic in the May 27 release Phobia. So meta, no?

Sapan tries to convince Kalpana that Kriti exists and is not yet another figment of his imagination like his previous girlfriend, the equally significantly named Rachna. Fans of psychological horror films featuring men with female mannequins around the house and grotesque paintings of women on the walls will know exactly which way this is headed. Bajpayee and Apte are typically good, but the story is too threadbare and obvious to merit their effort.