Sonakshi Sinha hasn’t had a movie to her name since Tevar in early 2015. The upcoming Akira sees her in action heroine mode, hopefully kicking and punching her way to a much-needed box office boost.

The trailer of ‘Akira’.

AR Murugadoss’s remake of the Tamil hit Mouna Guru does a Salt on its intended audience. The Hollywood action thriller was originally meant for Tom Cruise but was finally made after the lead character’s gender was changed and Angelina Jolie was cast instead. Santha Kumar’s Mouna Guru starred Arulnidhi, the grandson of Tamil politician M Karunanidhi, in the lead role. Murugadoss’s Hindi version, whose title is presumably a tribute to Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, sees Sinha as a student who earns the wrath of a corrupt police officer (Anurag Kashyap). Akira’s knowledge of martial arts has already been demonstrated in an early scene in the trailer, so when a policeman tries to kill her in a fake encounter, we know what to expect.

Sinha looks light enough on her feet, and if the movie doesn’t try to show her as Bruce Lee’s heiress, it should be fine. Kashyap’s sleazy police officer is the scene-stealer here as he tries to get his hands on Akira before the truth comes out.