Hindi television serials have of late been leaning towards the paranormal. A dash of witches and serpents is spicing up the family soap. Maybe all the drama needed a boost from the supernatural. Whatever the reason, the plots of these shows are beyond weird.

In the video below, members of the comedy troupe Schitzengiggles, aka SnG, sit down to discuss the plot of one of the more popular of these dramas, Sasural Simar Ka. The four admit to have never seen the show, and so read its alleged Wikipedia page. There are, of course, added flourishes to the plot, such as the two heroines being from North Korea.

‘WTF Is Sasural Simar Ka?’

Mind you, the so-called Wikipedia page they read from doesn’t correspond with the present version. There are multiple Quora threads on this show, including one that asks “Why can’t ISIS bomb the sets of Sasural Simar Ka?”

The comedians read out the Quora posts too. Among the choicest excerpts are those relating to the plot points seen below. They discuss the ladoo and spoon crisis that plays alongside the heroines battling the devil, going to hell, and, sometimes, turning into flies.