In the first episode of the second season of Quantico, Priyanka Chopra is back with a crimson pout, straight hair and a sense of urgency. The Central Intelligence Agency analyst walks about in her pantsuit and heels, suspicious of everyone. She talks in a deep, hushed voice as if she were plotting world domination.


Quantico is being aired on the Star World and Star World HD channels on Mondays at 9pm. In the episode titled Kudove, directed by Patrick Norris, Chopra’s Alex Parrish attends a covert training operation. She runs into Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin), with whom she was romantically involved in the past. Undergoing a series of physical and mental tests, the new recruits are graded on their performance. They are being trained to fight a group of militants that has threatened to attack New York City. A group of masked men takes the American president hostage along with his wife and several other dignitaries at a summit. Parrish must find a way to rescue them – especially since one of the militants wants to behead the President’s wife.

The dual timeline format of the first episode is confusing, as it jumps between the present and a year ahead, trying to mirror the training procedure of the recruits. Parrish and Booth are pitted against each other in various skill tests, turning it into a “He said, she said” battle of wits. Their banter keeps the drama from crushing under the weight of its First World attitude towards saving the world.

Parrish is depicted as an action heroine who is undeterred by her boyfriend’s presence and willing to put her life on the line. Her instructor Lydia Bates (Tracy Ifeachor) informs Parrish at the training camp, “This isn’t a girl scouts training program”. Alex Parrish (and Priyanka Chopra) is ready.