Jackie Chan doesn’t make the kind of movie that is considered Oscar material, but he has certainly notched up a body of work worthy of an honorary statuette. The 62-year-old Hong Kong movie star picked up his trophy at a ceremony organised by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in November.

Chan shared the honour with his legendary team of stunt performers, who have helped him execute mind-boggling action sequences in his numerous hits. “…I’d like to share this honour with my brothers of the JC Stunt Team who have been with me through good times and bad times over the many years, and I’d like to share this award with every action movie star from all over the world,” Chan said at the Oscar ceremony.

Jackie Chan’s Oscar acceptance speeh.

Chan stars in, directs, produces and writes his movies, making him a veritable one-man industry. There are very few action stars who can carry off stunts with as much conviction and humour as Chan does anywhere in the world, as our mashup proves.