If Salman Khan can play the ageless action hero and Shah Rukh Khan the perennial romantic, why should 53-year-old Govinda be left behind? After all, the multi-talented actor started his career in 1986, two years before Salman Khan, and had numerous hits before fading out in the early 2000s. Govinda later lent his fame to such films as Raavan, Kill Dill and Happy Ending, but the solo hero project has proved elusive.

Fans of the actor with the unerring comic timing and the elastic hip will therefore be elated with the trailer of Aa Gaya Hero, directed by Deepankar Senapati. Govinda plays an incorruptible police inspector who takes down Ashutosh Rana’s criminal network. The movie was originally titled Abhinay Chakra, and was supposed to have been released in 2014. It has the feel of a Telugu mass movie, down to the editing tricks that show numerous Govindas leaping off walls and single-handedly bashing up goons. The trademark Govinda punch dialogue is there too, as are the mandatory choreographed dance sequences featuring gyrating Eastern European extras and busty female specimens. There’s also a Bhojpuri song for luck. In short, very 1990s and rather tacky, but also a bit Govinda. The movie is aiming for a release in early 2017.