Tommy Edison has been sightless since birth, and he’s much loved for his unique videos on the challenges faced by blind people in their lives. Edison is also a blind film critic and has interesting reviews with sentences such as, “Sighted people, I think you will really enjoy this movie. Blind people stay home. I’m going to give this 2 out of 4 eyes open!”

Edison forms his opinions and mental pictures in his daily life by paying attention to the things people say and even the buzz on social media platforms. In his latest video, he talks about what he thinks popular and famous Hollywood celebrities look like. The review of each personality is divided into descriptions covering things such as height, body type, age, eyes, hair and sense of style along with a rating, 10 being the best looking.

Edison talks about several stars, including Leonardo Di Caprio, Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy, Dwayne Johnson, Viola Davis, Samuel L Jackson. Much of what he says is spot-on – he guesses Lawrence’s age pretty accurately (he says 26 or 27 years, she is 26) and correctly identifies the colour of her eyes as blue. He gives Gosling a nine, explaining that the actor sounds like he doesn’t even need accessories to look good.

‘Blind Man Guesses What Movie Stars Look Like.’