The rumblings of teenage angst become the gateway to a troubled Punjab in Rupinder Inderjit’s Punjabi-language short film Khoon Aali Chithi. Billed as the first production of acclaimed actress Richa Chadda, the 14-minute film uses a cast of unknowns to recreate the environs of rural Punjab.

Inderjit does not allow his young protagonists to move too far from the turmoil in Punjab. Characters discuss encounters and disappearances as the teenager dithers over writing a love letter to his beloved in blood. Insurgents disturb the village’s fragile tranquility, creating distractions to the budding romance.

Inderjit’s story is occasionally hampered by amateurish production values, but the sensitive portrayal ensures a skipped heartbeat when the proceedings take a turn.

Khoon Aali Chithi.